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sexta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2010

A paradox: If the Hubble photographed the Big Bang, Our Constellations travel at speeds greater than the speed of light; Or is the Hubble Photographing Other Dimensions of Quantum Physics

Part I
These days, November-2010, the Discovery Channel, some scientists have repeated the foundations of Quantum Physics. Trillions of universes, parallel dimensions and even our occupying the same space/time.

Maybe that would explain a paradox. One for which I touched on the thought a few days ago.

If nothing exists that is faster than the speed of light, as is that Hubble is taking pictures of the Big Bang and the beginning of the universe?

If we come to the Big Bang, so we, as Earth and the Sun, and all our constellations nearby, which explains why we are so far these events?

Since there is nothing faster than the speed of light, which explains why we are so far these phenomena now being discovered by the Hubble? This situation does not suggest a paradox? If we are so far apart, then we would be traveling faster than the speed of light? We and our universe?

Studies show that the sun is expanding its size and volume in 5 billion years will reach the orbit of Mars, so I think, in about a billion years the Earth will already be cooked.

The solution would be, or migrated to platforms gigantic spacecraft, airships through space in search of some similar planet, now roaming the vastness of our universe, or discover the means of access to those other dimensions.

That "particle accelerator", among other research, also is conducting this: the attempt of the scientific evidence of the existence of parallel universes, if they would be few, or, as scientists hypothesize, trillions of infinite universes, both parallel and those that even occupy our space-time.

Some where Hither won the war, any where Kennedy was not murdered, nor John Lennon, nor my dog.

After all, this would be a good example to explain that we are seeing the Big Bang that the universe originated. It would be a parallel universe that we see the Hublle? Or our solar system and our constellations are all traveling in the universe together, walking faster than the speed of light.

After all, for those who are in a bus, everyone follows the speed of that bus, and although they are not moving passengers in relation to each other, are moving in relation to those outside the bus. Buses that now that we borrowed for this example.

I believe that this paradox is what drives scientists to try to prove now that there are parallel universes.

For me, enough that someone could explain how Earth and is originated from this huge explosion, as can be - this explosion so far - to millions of light years?

Only two explanations exist to resolve this paradox: 1: Or are we looking at a parallel universe, or 2: We are traveling in outer space at speeds exceeding the speed of light? or the 3: The two previous propositions can perfectly coexist, because one does not preclude the other.

by Antero de Andrade Vaz

referente a: Robert J. Vanderbei: Sizing Up The Universe: 8 Incredible Pictures Of The Universe (PHOTOS) (ver no Google Sidewiki)

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