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"Quando você ouvir a minha voz... Por favor, entenda..."

quinta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2009

Manchester England

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Amor & Poesias Messenger Love & Passion of Lustato Tenterrara

Hair - The Movie
Vídeo: Manchester England & Let The Sunshine In
Áudio em inglês, sem legendas
Áudio: Inglês, sem legendas

"We starve-look * At one another * Short of breath * Walking proudly in our winter coats * Wearing smells from laboratories * Facing a dying nation * Of moving paper fantasy * Listening for the new told lies * With supreme visions of lonely tunes * * * Somewhere * Inside something there is a rush of * Greatness * Who knows what stands in front of * Our lives * I fashion my future on films in space * Silence * Tells me secretly * Everything * Everything *** Manchester England England * Manchester England England * Eyes look your last * Across the Atlantic Sea * Arms take your last embrace * And I'm a genius genius * And lips oh you the doors of breath * I believe in God * Seal with a righteous kiss * And I believe that God believes in Claude * Seal with a righteous kiss * That's me, that's me, that's me * The rest is silence * The rest is silence * The rest is silence *** [Singing] *** Our space songs on a spider web star * Life is around you and in you * Answer for Timothy Leary, dearie *** Let the sunshine Let the sunshine in * The sunshine in Let the sunshine * Let the sunshine in * The sunshine in * Let the sunshine * Let the sunshine in * The sun shine in..."
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